Saturday, March 20, 2010

Project #7....Ruffled Cafe Curtain

I swear my kids are making out pretty good with all these projects!! I ended up doing these adorable curtains for Taylor's room. They match her room exactly, and are oh so cute. She absolutely loves them. They were again, SUPER easy, and only took about an hour to make. Sorry the pictures aren't the best....I am so in love with natural light, and it is so hard to get that in a bedroom. Oh least I finished them.

Here is what you need.....

  • One yard total of fabric.....I used sheets since I knew they would match all the other stuff in her room perfectly
  • A curtain rod to fit your window
  • "One Yard Wonders....101Sewing Projects" by Rebecca Yaker & Patricia Haskins

Project #8 will be up on the blog by April's a tricky one!! I know this seems like a long time but I am participating in the Simple Treasures Boutique this week and have a ton of stuff to finish!! I PROMISE it will be worth the wait!!


  1. Now, that is pretty dang cute! I know Taylor is lovin all this!

  2. super cute!!! you are kicking these projects out!

  3. I'm working my way through this book, too. I think this was a great blog idea.

    I wanted to let you know that I passed on the Beautiful Blogger award to you because I love your blog so much. I'm so impressed that you are going to work through the book in one year. Good luck!

    Here's your award! :)