Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Project #2....Lined Bookcase

Woohoo...finished with project #2. Seriously, this one was super easy. I did the soccer theme because the only bookshelf I had that was that size was in Cole's room, and lets face it, the kid LOVES soccer. His whole room is filled with RSL memorabilia so this was the perfect project for his room. It took all of 30 minutes with the hardest part being fitting the fabric lined poster board back into the bookcase. My only suggestion would be to cut your poster board about 1/8" smaller than your bookcase for a better fit. I had to really mess with mine and I cut it to the exact measurement of my bookcase. This is a super easy, super fun way to take a boring bookcase, and make it fit into any room perfectly!!

Project #3 will be posted by March is a little more complicated than the first 2!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Project #1.....Framed Tack Board

This by far way the easiest project I have ever done, and I totally love the finished product!! I let Taylor pick the fabric, so we went with the Michael Miller Lolli Dot. Oh how I love Michael Miller!! By far one of my favs!! So I drag the kids with me to the D.I. to find an old frame and some cork board. It was by far the cheapest way to do it....I paid $3.00 for the frame which was the ugliest gold color before I spray painted it white, and $4.00 for a 36x36 cork board. The project actually only used half a yard of fabric for me. Honestly the hardest part is stapling the fabric while keeping it tight enough to lay totally flat. That was probably due to the oval shape of my frame. As for the overall project.....I give it 5 out of 5 stars!! Totally worth the whole hour I spent on it including my shopping.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why oh why??

While at a friends house the other day, showing off my new book "One Yard Wonders" and RAVING about how I love almost EVERY project in there, a HUGE light bulb exploded above my head!! Why not pull a "Julie & Julia", make all the projects in the book in EXACT order, and blog my likes, dislikes, loves, and any changes I found to be helpful along the way for all my wonderful sewing exactly, why not? I am SO very excited about doing this "little" project. I have given myself ONE YEAR to complete EVERY project in the book, and have even put a deadline on each one.....first one, the Framed Tack Board, being complete and up on the blog by February 24th!! I am even planning on including fun and interesting places I found the "materials" needed to complete projects without breaking the bank. I have begun to acquire quite a load of fabrics over the last couple of months, and have been saying that I needed something to keep me motivated, and make me use the stuff I am buying...well, this is the perfect solution. Also, I am planning on doing GIVEAWAYS of the projects that I make to lucky followers that comment on my posts!! Now doesn't that make it even more worth following? So tell your friends, and keep checking back for fun project updates!! See you on February 24th for the big FIRST PROJECT REVEAL!!!