Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Project #5......Mailbag Pocket Duo

So adorable are these!! They were SO simple, and only took me about an hour to cut out and sew!! So worth a cute storage solution.....and it keeps all your mail or other junk off the counters and table. I am planning on using them in my sewing room to store stuff....I am so excited!!! Here is the only change I made....they said to use "ribbon to hang your mailbags from nails or pretty hooks on the wall". I stapled and glued 1.5" grosgrain ribbon to 13" dowels, threaded it through the loops, and waalaa!!

Here is a list of what you's just a list of supplies

  • One yard of fabric....any weight or width
  • "One yard wonders.....101 Sewing Projects" by RebeccaYaker & Patricia Hoskins


  1. I am so happy I found your blog through your comment on my "peg bear"! I will be checking back to see your progress...happy sewing!

  2. Your project is such a great idea! I'm Michele (calicodaisy handmade) on page 118! My project is a beach bag that transforms into a lounge chair cover. Since only one photo was chosen for each project, I'm not sure everyone will see the potential! I created a set on my flickr to show off all the attributes --

    Looking forward to following your projects.
    -- michele

  3. I like the dowel look much better than what they suggested!